Overcoming My Husband’s Death And Became A Single Mother

  • Posted on: 13 July 2017
  • By: admin
My parents always reminded us to always be ready for the rainy days, but then we just did not give it a serious look as things were doing really great as my husbands career was doing great and I was taking care of our three kids and things were so perfect and most of our friends would want the life we are living. In a sudden turn, my husband was diagnosed of a rare disease and was incurable and it really drained our finances and soon he passed away leaving nothing but heaps of bills which we need to settle plus the problem arises that we are now living from day to day and I needed to have a work to be able to sustain life but still with my career just about to start I could not expect to be compensated that much but at least I need to start from somewhere and grateful that I have the Grants for single mothers which in a way helped a bit for our expenses although we needed to tighten our belts and be thrift enough to be able to survive the month and slowly pay up the debts that we have incurred for the hospitalization of my late husband. More information on Grants for single mothers click here.

It was not easy but life goes on and we need to face this challenges and my kids gave me that strength to keep on going with our life’s journey which is I am sure that there are some who are in worst situation than us.

So instead of complaining, I just worked my way up and prove my boss that I am a worthy employee to be promoted as each promotion means improvement in the salary. And soon we would be living in a more comfortable scenario and could let go of the Grants for single mothers which was a big help.